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Dr. Xanthe Scharff is a writer and a journalist with The Fuller Project, a news bureau in Istanbul that covers women’s issues in the Middle East. Scharff is a former scholar at the United States Institute of Peace and the Brookings Institution’s Center for Universal Education, and she is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations.

Scharff is the founder of Advancing Girls’ Education in Africa (AGE Africa), a non-profit that creates life-changing opportunities for girls through secondary school scholarships, mentoring and leadership training. The CBS Early Show, Voice of America, The Christian Science Monitor, and African media outlets have featured AGE Africa’s work.

The Fletcher School awarded Scharff her PhD for research on post-conflict education. She has worked in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, and the US and with diverse organizations including: The World Bank, CARE, and Save the Children.

Scharff is a correspondent with 100 Reporters and her writing has recently featured in outlets including: The Guardian, VICE News, The Chronicle of Higher Education, Al-Fanar Media, The Daily Beast, The Financial Times, Hurriyet, The World Post, My Middle East, and others.