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Florence Chimwala

Florence is a CHATS Girls’ Club facilitator, as well as a class monitor at her school—a role usually left for the boys.  Florence wants to be a policewoman, working to protect her fellow Malawians while being her own woman.  She says, “Girl’s education is important because it makes one to live an independent life. If I have education, I have keys to open doors

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Fanny Maganga

Fanny always wanted to be different from the other girls in her village. While many of them were forced to drop out of school in order to get married, Fanny dreamt of continuing her education and becoming an agricultural advisor in her community. In 2013, Fanny was selected to attend Thuchila Community Day Secondary School, but just two weeks into the term, she was

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Lonia Feston

Lonia is an AGE Africa Scholar from Milonga CDSS.  At a young age, she lost her father forcing her mother to pay for her and her four siblings on her own as a smallholder farmer.  Lonia quickly ran into issues paying for her schooling as business went up and down.  This combined with a difficultly long walk to school   When she was chosen as

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