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R264c861oland Pearson is Managing Director of Capacity Solutions at Enclude. He is a leader in international financial sector and enterprise development, with a 30 year track-record of motivating teams and building institutions to deliver commercial value and sustained social and economic impact – most notably two national financial institutions, two regulatory bodies, and an advocacy association. Other key achievements have included raising and structuring nearly $1 billion of investment and social capital, especially for social enterprise, microfinance, and low-income housing ventures; and successfully starting, cultivating, and divesting from two economic development consulting firms, with multi-disciplinary practices in enterprise development, finance, banking, economics, trade and investment.

Roland received a MA with Honors in Finance, Economics, Law, and Southern Africa from The Fletcher School of Tufts University, and a BA with Honors in International Relations from Brown University. He currently serves as Chairperson of the Fletcher Annual Fund, and is a member the Development Committee at The Fletcher School; Chairperson of the Board of Life Pieces to Masterpieces – a Washington, DC non-profit focused on developing the full potential of African-American boys who come from at-risk communities; and a member of the Brown Alumni Leadership Council. Roland has also been a member of the AGE Africa Triathlon team since 2011!