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Brenda Saidi Banda


Brenda is a current AGE scholar. When she passed her primary school exams and was placed in a secondary school, her family could not afford to pay for her to continue school. Her brother tried to find a way to pay for school, even going to the head teacher of the school Brenda was to attend to ask for resources. The head teacher could not help, so Brenda’s brother went to a different school, Mulunguzi Secondary School, to search for a way to pay for school fees for his sister. It was here that they connected with AGE Africa.

As an AGE scholar, Brenda has many goals in life. When she finishes school, she wants to become a doctor or a journalist. She also wants to help support her parents, relatives, and friends. Brenda said, “I want to help others like orphans, aged people, people who have disability and other people.  I want to do these because I see the importance of helping others as AGE has helped me to be where I am.”

Brenda attends Mulunguzi Secondary School.