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Lesenia Chikho – Alumni, University Applicant


“My goals in life is that I want to be a surgical doctor. Not a surgical doctor as such but with a course of transplanting kidneys.

Another thing I want to achieve in my life is to help one or two people who will be lacking their school fees and other basic needs.”

Lesenia is another recent graduate of AGE Africa, having attended St. Michaels Girls’ Secondary School. She was very excited to have been selected for that school, but had many difficulties attending. Lesenia comes from a family of 7 children who are being raised by a single mother after her father died in a truck accident. Though her mother runs a small business, her family is very poor because after her father’s death his relatives came and squandered everything they had.

When her father died, he left the family with a lot of debt prompting Lesenia’s male family and community members to encourage her to go to community day school or drop out entirely in favor of marriage. Lesenia’s mother refused and sold their family home to cover the cost of Lesenia’s first two years of education. It is because of AGE Africa’s assistance that Lesenia was able to complete her secondary education and recently sat for university entrance exams. She scored a 13 on her MSCE, which is the best score of any AGE student to-date (in Malawi, the lower the score, the better!).