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About the Program: The Xanthe Scharff Workplace Experience (WE) Project is inspired by the vision of AGE Africa’s founder Xanthe Scharff whose vision for girls’ lifelong success continues to drive our holistic approach to education.

The Xanthe Scharff Workplace Experience Project seeks to improve girls’ school-to-work transitions through practical real world experience. The program provides young women graduates with workplace skills, hands-on work experience and job skills training in the public, private and NGO sectors.

The Xanthe Scharff WE Project in 2016: In 2016, the project will launch at AGE Africa as an internship program. Young women will apprentice with AGE Africa’s field staff, who will serve as workplace role models and mentors. Over the first two years, the program will seek to expand by recruiting partners from the private and public sector to host student internships for recent AGE Africa alumnae.

Lessina for the WE project pageSpotlight on a Student: Lessenia Chikho:

I am now helping my fellow girls attain education by acting as a role model and a mentor to other AGE girls. I am concerning myself with the empowerment of girls in Malawi. I am making a change.” –Lessenia, in reference to her internship experience with the WE Project pilot.

Lessenia is one of four AGE Africa alumnae who participated in the 2015 pilot program of the WE project. During her time as an intern with AGE Africa, Lessenia worked in the field shadowing AGE Africa program staff, mentoring AGE Africa’s current scholars, and supporting data entry and collection. AGE Africa also helped her to develop her CV and practice interviewing for jobs.

A former AGE Africa scholar, Lessenia was awarded an AGE Africa scholarship in 2012, when she was unable to continue her education because of the large debts her family owed in the wake of her father’s death. She graduated from secondary school in 2013 with high marks and AGE Africa supported her transition to university. Lessenia now studies economics at the University of Malawi. You can read her blog about being a woman in Malawi here.

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