Scholarships that change lives.

AGE Africa provides life-changing scholarships that cover the full cost of education for girls attending government high schools.


Scholarship Program

AGE Africa’ scholarship fund was launched in 2005 in response to the overwhelming need for financial support for girls’ education. Over the past 12 years, the fund has steadily grown from just 6 scholarships to 234 scholarships in 2018.

Covering the Full Cost of Education

In Malawi, the indirect cost of education can often be more than twice the cost of tuition at secondary schools. AGE Africa’s scholarships not only assist girls with paying school fees but also with: the cost of uniforms, school supplies, transportation, and personal hygiene materials such as sanitary pads. Our scholarships aim to ensure that the most vulnerable girls stay in school and succeed.

Scholarships that Change Lives

In Malawi, just 6% of girls complete their secondary education and 50% become child brides. By comparison:

  • over 90% of AGE Africa scholars complete secondary school
  • over 90% delay pregnancy and marriage to well beyond their 18th birthday

I am different than other girls because I believe in myself and I can do anything

–Margaret K., Age 14

Margaret is just 14 years old and already in Form Three at Saint Mary’s Secondary School for Girls.  She is extraordinarily bright, speaks with strong conviction and powerful resolve each time she speaks.  She loves her schooling but, had struggled with the attitudes about girls’ education in her village as well as doubts over her young age.

“My parents would not agree to my schooling,” Margaret told us.  “In my area, girls are not educated.”  Her neighbor always told her son that they would be able to give him everything and that he would be able to get knowledge from being a man.

With the support of AGE Africa, Margaret has thrived at St. Mary’s with a positive image of who she is and what she can do. “I am different than other girls because I believe in myself and I can do anything,” Margaret says.  She aspires to become a pilot, looking up to Malawi’s first Defense Force pilot, Flora Ngwinjili.  She has also had support through AGE Africa’s CHATS program at St. Marys where the girls can come together to share their experiences with one another.  Margaret says the CHATS allow her to be independent and feel like she can achieve anything!

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