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AGE Africa invites you to leverage your celebrations of life and to spread the joy by adding a charitable focus! Why not pledge your birthday, wedding registry, or baby shower? Instead of receiving gifts, allow your guests the opportunity to make a donation in your name. Together, you and your loved ones will change the lives of young women living in rural Malawi!

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  • $35 Buy a Uniform: A required part of attending school, the cost of a uniform is prohibitive for most of our girls.
  • $50 Buy School Supplies: for one student for one year–pens, notebooks, calculator, school bag, and candles for nighttime study!
  • $100 Buy a Bicycle! Some of our students must walk an average of 6 miles each way to school.
  • $250 Life Skills Program Sponsor: Support six months of Career Guidance and Life Skills mentoring for one girl.
  • $500 Tuition Sponsor: (Tuition+supplies) Support one young woman’s scholarship for one year of her education.
  • $750 AGE Scholarship Sponsor: (Tuition + supplies + mentoring) Support one year of AGE Africa’s program for one young woman.
  • $2,000 Advocate for Education: Support one young woman’s education past the traditional point of drop out (2 years).
  • $4,000 Life Changer: Transform one young woman’s life forever. Pay for four years of her education, as well as her academic, career, and personal skills development giving her the best possible opportunity break the cycle of poverty for herself and her family.
  • $5,000 Community Educator: Bring Career Guidance and Life Skills Mentoring to 10 young woman for one year


Each year, AGE Africa’s Board of Directors selects an event as part of our fundraising efforts to support our work to provide scholarships and life skills programs for girls in Malawi. For 2019, the board is proud to announce The Ride for Malawi, an ambitious biking event that will take us 62, 35, or 15 miles through the streets of Washington, DC.  The Ride for Malawi will take place on September 7th, 2019.

If you are interested in volunteering with AGE Africa or riding to support our mission of advancing girls’ education in Malawi, please contact Concepcion Gaxiola, Executive Director of AGE Africa:

Email: [email protected]

Phone: (202)-760-4299

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