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9/18/2023 Zomba District Youth Office impressed with Age Africa beneficiaries’ school results, Malawi 24  Zomba District Youth Office impressed with Age Africa beneficiaries’ school results

8/2/2023 How a writer learned to help Malawi’s girls help themselves, The Christian Science Monitor Transforming Lives: Xanthe Scharff’s Story Sparks a Movement for Girls’ Education in Africa through AGE Africa

7/24/2023 What girls in Malawi gain – and give up – by choosing education, The Christian Science Monitor How a Story of Hope Ignited a Movement: The Inspiring Journey of AGE Africa in Empowering Girls’ Education in Malawi

7/10/2023 AGE Africa Empowers Students in Entrepreneurship Skills in Mchinji , The Africa Brief AGE Africa Empowers Mchinji Students with Entrepreneurship Skills, Fostering Socioeconomic Growth

7/4/2023 AGE Africa hosts All Scholars Retreat in Zomba, Malawi 24 
Advancing Girls Education in Africa Empowers Young Women to Shape the Future as Sustainable Entrepreneurs

6/17/2023 The Solutions That Are Changing the Status Quo: AGE Africa’s CHATS program, Initiatives Empowering African Girls Through Education: AGE Africa’s CHATS Program Leads the Way

1/9/2019 AGE Africa Announces Ambassador Jeanine Jackson as New Board Member

10/18/2014AGE Alumna Idah Savala’s Song “Not an Easy Road”, Idah Savala
AGE Alumna Idah Savala wrote a poem called “Not an Easy Road.” Through a partnership with Sing Me A Story Foundation, AGE Africa paired up with singer/songwriter Rachel Taylor who performs and records Idah’s lyrics.

09/25/2014 – AGE Africa joins 30 others in making a historic $600 million collaborative commitment to girls’ education through Hilary Clinton’s ‘CHARGE’ (Collaborative Harnessing Ambition and Resources for Girls’ Education).

09/24/2014Huffington Post Hillary Clinton announced a $600 million effort to enroll girls in secondary schools around the globe, aiming to address security and access problems in the developing world.

09/24/2014After Boko Haram: Hillary Clinton Promises Education For 14 Million Girls, Time Magazine
Hillary Clinton and Former Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard announced a new Clinton Global Initiative commitment with the Center on Universal Education at the Brookings Institution for girls’ education called GirlsCHARGE.

09/24/2014The Clinton Foundation At the 10th Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) Annual Meeting, Former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton announced GirlsCHARGE, a collaboration of more than 30 companies, civil society organizations, multilaterals and governments to improve learning and leadership opportunities for young women and girls.

09/23/2014 –  Malawi Voice AGE Africa’s Executive Director, Aubryn Sidle, gets an opportunity to meet Malawi’s First Lady Madam Getrude Mutharika.

08/27/2014Exercise Offers Ambassadors Respite from Busy Schedules, Washington Diplomat
Ambassador from the Republic of Malawi to the United States, and AGE Africa Board Member, His Excellency Steven Matenje’s participation in the 2014 Tri for Malawi Team Challenge.

08/18/2014The Rock Creek Group The Rock Creek Group participates in the 4th annual Tri for Malawi Team Challenge to provide scholarships for 170 girls in rural Malawi this fall.

Spring 2014After Chibok, Nigeria Will Still Need Education, blog
Xanthe Ackerman, Founder of AGE Africa, discusses education in Nigeria after the kidnapping of 276 girls from the Chibok boarding school.

02/14/2014Advancing Girls’ Education in Africa, The Borgen Project
The Borgen Project features AGE Africa.

11/01/2013Malawi Ambassador Joins Triathlon to Support Girls’ Education, Diplomatic Pouch
Ambassador Steve Matenje, the ambassador of Malawi, joined a team of 50 athletes, corporate team representatives and embassy staff to support AGE Africa as part of the Tri for Malawi Team Challenge fundraising effort.

10/10/2013International Day of the Girl Child: Taking Stock of Girls’ Education, The Brookings Institution
Xanthe Ackerman, Founder of AGE Africa, discusses girls’ education, positive strides in access to education, as well as challenges to overcome moving forward.

09/12/2013Ambassador Matenje Speaks with Voice of America’s Africa 54, Voice of America
Ambassador from the Republic of Malawi to the United States, Steven Matenje, speaks with Voice of America’s Africa 54 about girls’ education in Malawi and his participation in the 2013 Tri for Malawi.

08/28/2013Overview of AGE Africa by Executive Director Executive Director, Aubryn Sidle, discusses how AGE Africa is changing lives in the warm heart of Africa.

04/19/2013AGE Africa’s Executive Director Speaks with Voice of America, Voice of America
Executive Director, Aubryn Sidle, discusses promoting secondary education for impoverished girls in Malawi.

07/02/2012AGE Africa’s Informational Video, AGE Africa
AGE Africa’s informational video discusses it’s mission to create life-changing opportunities for young women in Malawi through targeted initiatives in education, mentoring and leadership development.

Supporting the Promise of Education: Observations from AGE Africa’s Scholarship Programs in Malawi, blog
Annika Rigole, an intern at AGE Africa, shares her observations about AGE Africa’s scholarship program from a 3 month visit to Malawi.

09/07/2009Watch Idah on the Early Show, CBS
AGE Scholar, Idah, studies in the U.S.

08/17/2007Letter to Editor, Christian Science Monitor
The first cohort of AGE Scholar graduates.

08/15/2007High School is the First Hurdle, Christian Science Monitor
The first cohort of AGE Scholar graduates.

08/15/2006From the Page to the Schoolroom, Christian Science Monitor
AGE Africa’s first anniversary.

02/07/2006Monitor Readers send 6 African Girls to High School, Christian Science Monitor
The first Advancement of Girls’ Education Fund.

07/06/2005What it’s Like to Live on $1 a Day, Christian Science Monitor
The Article that launched AGE Africa.


Unity Radio Listening Club

Unity Radio Listening Club The club started with ten girls in Gulumba. They gather on blankets strewn below the greenery of Malawi on Saturday mornings. Brought together by Lucy Bright Morris, who understands the power [...]

Featured Scholar

Olivia is a Form 4 student at Mchinji Mission Community Day Secondary School who dreams of becoming a Chief Systems Analyst. In her quest for success, Olivia joined CHATS (Creating Healthy Approaches to Success) after [...]

Mulunguzi CHATS’ School Cleaning Campaign

Mulunguzi Secondary School conducted a school cleaning campaign as part of a CHATS session. The scholars had recently learned some practical lessons, like the importance of adequate personal hygiene and caring for themselves and their [...]

CHATS Teaches Life Lessons

Lucy Morris is a 17 year-old AGE Africa scholar who comes from Namadingo village, T/A Kuntumanji. Lucy is 7th of 9 children, who all live with their mother, and attends Nsondole Community Day Secondary School [...]

CHATS Develops Leadership Potential

Abgail Milward is a 14 year-old Form 1 (equivalent to a high school freshman) scholar at Mulunguzi Secondary School in Zomba district. She is the oldest three children and lives with her mother, who is [...]

“It is Possible to Achieve Our Goals”

My Name is Alinafe Raphoyo; I am 17 years old. I come from Lupiya Village, TA Njema in Mulanje District. I am the fourth born in a family of six children.  My parents are farmers [...]