Mulunguzi CHATS’ School Cleaning Campaign

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Mulunguzi Secondary School conducted a school cleaning campaign as part of a CHATS session. The scholars had recently learned some practical lessons, like the importance of adequate personal hygiene and caring for themselves and their surroundings, and had just started learning about rights and advocacy, when the idea sparked to do some community service around the school. The girls choose specific areas of the school they wanted to spruce up, assigned jobs and got to work cleaning the school premises!

Within the first wo years of CHATS, girls are taught useful life and leadership skills and learn about sexual and reproductive health and gender and rights. They also build on the skills and knowledge acquired by creating small-scale, local activism projects within their schools or communities. More than 80% of our CHATS scholars say that AGE Africa’s skills-based education and hands-on learning and problem solving has helped increased their confidence in school and made them more likely to graduate secondary school.

You can help continue this positive trend in girls’ confidence, school retention and graduation rates by donating in support of CHATS today!

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