AGE Africa Resources:

AGE Africa Results Framework Save

ICRW-UNGEI assessment of AGE Africa’s CHATS program

Global Girls’ Education Resources:

What Works in Girls’ Education, with a forward by Malala Yousafzai, this book from the Brookings Institute’s Center for Universal Education explores what works when educating girls and the advantages that come as a result.

Girls Count Reports on Adolescent Girls, an initiative of The Coalition for Adolescent Girls

Learning Metrics Task Force, The Brookings Institution

The Education Link: Why Learning is Central to the Post-2015 Global Development Agenda, Center for Universal Education

Girl Rising

The Girl Effect

Girls Discovered: Global Maps of Adolescent Girls

Girls’ Education, Empowerment, & Transitions to Adulthood, ICRW

Make it Right: Ending the Crisis in Girls’ Education, Global Campaign for Education

Malawi and sub-Saharan Africa Gender and Education

Malawi 2010 Demographic and Health Survey

“Life skills and reproductive health education changes behaviour in students and teachers: Evidence from Malawi” 

Malawi’s Rural Adolescent Girls Education, FAO

“Suffering at School: Results of the Malawi Gender-Based Violence in Schools Survey”

“Primary School is Not Enough: Proposal for Safe and Affordable Secondary School for Girls in Malawi”

Gender Assessment for Malawi, Statistics Norway

Gender Assessment, USAID/Malawi

Gender and Poverty Reduction in Malawi, UN

Empowering Women through Education: Evidence from Sierra Leone